No brand is an island... And neither is Lazy Tom, here are some of the other brands and associations that we collaborate with.


• Cats Protection Society •

It just so happens that we all love cats here at Lazy Tom Recordings. Everyone from the musicians to the designers just cant get enough of those cute little fur bags so we decided to give some of the less fortunate moggies a hand. We decided to give a proportion of our profits to Cats Protection Society, it's a win win situation really. You guys get some awesome music and merchandise, the cats get a helping hand and we get a good nights sleep knowing that both our followers and our fluffy friends are happy.


• Beat Off My Beat (B.O.M.B) •

Lazy Tom Recordings have started co-hosting specialized events with Beat Off My Beat. In recent months we have seen a collaborative success with our fancy dress parties and the B.O.M.B DJ Competition. We hope that this partnership will blossom along with our events. Just come along to one of our mad sessions and see for your self. 

Beat Off My Beat's Facebook Page 


• Son Of A Beat •

Son Of A Beat are an up and coming events promotion and DJ collaboration team based in Brighton (UK). The S.O.B team have been hosting small scale events of the house, tech and minimal orientation for some years now, the focus has always been on good music and real DJing skills. They are currently in the process of expanding their reach and venue size, bigger parties in other towns. Lazy Tom Recordings are working very closely with S.O.B to bring you our very own live events and a few of our Lazy Tom musicians are in fact a part of the S.O.B collaborative. We hope that you can come and join us on one of our dynamic events. 

Son Of A Beat's Facebook Profile
Son Of A Beat's Blogspot Page


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