Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hot Tracks - January 2014

Well come to a new feature of our blog... Hot Tracks is exactly what it says it is, awesome tracks that we just can't stop playing... be it an old gem that we have only just discovered or a new dance floor smasher.

So with out further ado, here is what we are loving at the moment...

Artist : Loverdose
Track : Tabula Rasa (Slow Edit)
Label : Prison Entertainment UK
Release Date : 01 / 06 / 2011

The London based duo, Loverdose, have over 10 years experience in dance music production and DJing around the world.

This is a beautifully crafted track, almost a faultless debut release. The track posses a relaxing and floaty melody whilst maintaining a driving beat and bass line that just keeps you dancing. The production combined with a psychedelic vocal rich in vocoder modulation gives the whole track a bitter sweet vibe... Truly beautiful piece of electronic. Hope you like it to.

Buy Tabula Rasa @ Beatport
Visit Loverdose's Soundcloud Page


Artist : Saso Recyd 
Track : The Pilot
Label : Rawthentic Music
Release Date : 31 / 10 / 2011

Heard Dubfire play this back in September 2013 and it just hooked me right away. 

Produced by a budding producer from Bitola, Macedonia. The track is kicking and percussively driven track that features a minimal amount of melody. The production features a delightfully industrial feel whilst remaining reserved (not an all out smashing techno record), there's a brief spoken vocal that gives a slightly disturbing vibe that truly complements the over all aura and sound of the record. 


Artist: Debruit
Track : Nigeria What?
Label : Civil Music
Release Date : 11 / 01 / 2010

It seems like we are mainly unearthing old and hidden gems at the moment. I didn't realise how old some of these tracks is. I accidentally discovered this through a new spinning buddy that you may meet on the Lazy Tom label soon. 

This is such a lively record full of cleverly arranged African percussion and instrument sounds. Debruit was having an awesome year in 2013 playing his live and odd flavored show all over the world, I haven't experienced his live shows until he was invited to play a Boiler Room set. Nigeria What? is one of the very few tech-house friendly tracks that I have heard from Debruit, a uniquely awesome track that really lends it self to mashing up during live sets as well.


Artist : Gabriel Ananda
Track : Miracle Whop
Label : Platzhirsch Schallplatten
Release Date : 22 / 05 / 2006

The oldest track to be featured this month. Miracle Whop is so well layered, every time I hear it I pick up on a new element within the track. I would love to produce some thing like this my self (watch this space).

The German based Grabriel Ananda is an old hand in the techno music scene. His tracks has aged very well indeed, the progression is sublime and he sound design is second to none. This record is techno at its best, minimal yet industrial and full of audible sonic treats, I would recommend this album over Daniel Avery any day. Trust me, check it out.


And that concludes the first edition of Hot Tunes, hope you all enjoyed the sounds. I will try to feature a few more current releases next month. 

Much love... Nate  

Saturday, 4 January 2014

So It's 2014... Bring It On !!!

2014 is now in full swing and I am sure that we are all feeling a little lethargic after a mental 2013... I for one am certainly a bit worse for ware after the past few months of DJing and the constant onslaught of debaucherous house parties.

And if truth be told, we got lazy towards the end of 2013, in regards to the Lazy Tom project anyway... But it is now time for us to get back on track, that means much more good music for you folks along with some new freebies and other cool sh!t to.  So, make sure you keep a finger on the Lazy Tom's pulse this year because you never know what this cat may pull out of the proverbial hat.
Happy New Year x

P.S. We would like to thank the following people who made our crazy parties possible last year:

• Andreu & all of the BAR BLUE team for the venue and making sure every thing runs smoothly.
• George from ELEMENTS OF GROOVE for the awesome sound and lighting equipment.
• All of the BEAT OFF MY BEAT team for promoting and co-hosting some crazy events with us.
• Mike & Daz from MAD DESIGNS for the free poster printing.
• Dave Spinolli from AUDIO ROCKET for sponsoring some of our events.

I'm sure there are a few that I have forgotten about... but thanks to all who have supported us last year and that goes to all the of you who checked out our music and those that came to get messy with us at our events. Nuff love fam. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Free Lazy Tom Promo Pack!

We at Lazy Tom Recordings have decided to produce a free promotional pack, we will even pay for the postage stamp that's how nice we are. Inside the package you will find a sampler CD, a informational booklet all about Lazy Tom Recordings, stickers and a Lazy Tom herb grinder for those of you who really want to space out to our music. 

There is one problem though, we have only produced 30 packages to give away so you must act in order to get your hands on one of our awesome promo packs... 

To find out how you can get a promo pack sent to you and other news regarding Lazy Tom freebies and give-aways simply click on the 'FREEBIES' tab (above).

Hello Folks....

...and welcome to the Lazy Tom Recordings blog. We are a newly established record label and our emphasis is on House and Techno music. We aim to have a relaxed and carefree out look with everything that we do, We just want to have fun and listen to some good dance music and we hope you want that to!