Our Team

We are a fun loving, laid back record label and the same goes for the individuals involved in the Lazy Tom project. Some may be slightly more odd ball than others but all in all they are just a chilled out bunch of talented  musicians and artists. Here is our team so far...


• Nathan Boardman •

Nathan Boardman is the founder and head honcho of Lazy Tom Recording. Born in Thailand, Nathan has been DJing for over 13 years. His first release was with Tony Thomas's Cubic Records titled 'Clean Soul, Dirty Money EP' under an electro-house alias, AlterNate. He is now producing deeply rounded house and techno with a big focus on sound design and synthesis. His style strides the line between hypnotic tribal beats, deep bass lines and industrial synths. "...I want to make music that we can all nod and step to, even if we are all stupidly baked..." 

Nathan Boardman's Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/n_boardman
Nathan Boardman's Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/n.boardman


Muerto •

Czech born producer, Muerto, discovered DJing in the early part of his teenage years and quickly fell in love with house and techno music. He is now based in sunny Brighton (UK) where he graduated as a digital musician, his style of minimal and at times trippy techno instantly caught our attention here at Lazy Tom Recordings. Muerto is now working on his debut EP hopefuly to be released later this year (2013), we hope that Muerto can be a regular feature for Lazy Tom releases.

Muerto's Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/v-tmrtv


• Sara Fraser •

Sara Fraser is the only member of Lazy Tom who does not DJ or create music in any way, but she contributes her artistic talents to us instead. Sara has been drawing, painting and generally creating pieces of art for as long as she could remember, she is helping us with all our visual design aspects such as cover art, event posters, web pages and package design. Sara's work has been invaluable to Lazy Tom and we are highly grateful to have her on board seeing as she is always busy with graphic work for other clients and her newly established clothing brand, Redroots.


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