Saturday, 4 January 2014

So It's 2014... Bring It On !!!

2014 is now in full swing and I am sure that we are all feeling a little lethargic after a mental 2013... I for one am certainly a bit worse for ware after the past few months of DJing and the constant onslaught of debaucherous house parties.

And if truth be told, we got lazy towards the end of 2013, in regards to the Lazy Tom project anyway... But it is now time for us to get back on track, that means much more good music for you folks along with some new freebies and other cool sh!t to.  So, make sure you keep a finger on the Lazy Tom's pulse this year because you never know what this cat may pull out of the proverbial hat.
Happy New Year x

P.S. We would like to thank the following people who made our crazy parties possible last year:

• Andreu & all of the BAR BLUE team for the venue and making sure every thing runs smoothly.
• George from ELEMENTS OF GROOVE for the awesome sound and lighting equipment.
• All of the BEAT OFF MY BEAT team for promoting and co-hosting some crazy events with us.
• Mike & Daz from MAD DESIGNS for the free poster printing.
• Dave Spinolli from AUDIO ROCKET for sponsoring some of our events.

I'm sure there are a few that I have forgotten about... but thanks to all who have supported us last year and that goes to all the of you who checked out our music and those that came to get messy with us at our events. Nuff love fam. 

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